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The Upper Atmosphere


We greatly appreciate the support of NOAA and the KBL carrying out this research.



Kasitsna Bay Laboratory

T he Kasitsna Bay Laboratory is a research laboratory that provides a unique resource for marine research and teaching. It is an independent, nonprofit research facility dedicated to excellence in marine science and education near Homer, Alaska in Seldovia. The Laboratory is hosted by the University of Alaska Fairbanks and NOAA as a place where people can learn about subtidal, intertidal, seagrass, and terrestrial communities, and scientific diving, and is a host to any ecosystem one could imagine. Many different types of habitats can be explored with many types of organisms.

In addition, a 30 MHz portable coherent scatter radar imager was recently deployed at the KBL for studies of natural and argificially-generated ionospheric irregularities in the auroral E region ionosphere. The radar uses spaced receiver techniques and inverse methodology to construct three-dimensional images of the radar aurora and to extract information about the fine structure in the ionospheric electric field. The radar utilizes digital receivers and waveform generators along with solod-state transmitters. It is fully autonomous. Real-time data are accessable over the internet.


These are some of the sights of the KBL, as photographed by Brady O'hanlon in ECE, who helped assemble the radar.