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The Upper Atmosphere


We are indebted to friends made during the deployment of our radar. These include colleages at INRA in Godet, The Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, Meteo France, and The Observatoire Volcanologique et Sismologique de Guadeloupe (OVSG - IPGP). This research is supported by the National Science Foundation.




T he Imaging Radar Interferometer on Guadeloupe is located on an agricultural research site operated by INRA of France. The radar has the feature of looking perpendicular to B at F-region altitudes over the field of view of Arecibo.

The radar is used to observe F region field-aligned plasma density irregularities associated with medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances in the ionosphere. Irregularities are also produced during geomagnetically active periods under spread F conditions. Aperture synthesis radar imaging allows us to observe the structuring and to compare it with observations made with the Arecibo incoherent scatter radar, resonace lidar , and Boston University imager .

The radar was deployed as part of a joint project involving Clemson University, Cornell University, and the University of the Virgin Islands. The first experimental results from summer campaigns in 2013 appear below.

UT Date CSR RTI images images images ISR linefeed ISR gregorian
Jun. 17 2008 s080617.pdf s080617.mpg
Jul. 4 2008 s080704.pdf s080704.mpg
Jul. 28 2008 s080728.pdf s080728.mpg s080728.mpg
Sep. 26 2008 s080926.pdf s080926.mpg l080926.pdf g080926.pdf
Sep. 27 2008 s080927.pdf s080927.mpg l080927.pdf g080927.pdf
Sep. 28 2008 s080928.pdf s080928.mpg l080928.pdf g080928.pdf
Sep. 29 2008 s080929.pdf s080929.mpg s080929-2.mpg l080929.pdf g080929.pdf
Sep. 30 2008 s080930.pdf s080930.mpg l080930.pdf g080930.pdf
Oct. 1 2008 s081001.pdf s081001.mpg s081001-2.mpg l081001.pdf


These are some of the sights of the radar and the island, as photographed by the team from Clemson and Cornell.